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Water is Cosmic Juice

Charles Fishman, author of The Big Thirst, was interviewed on NPR today. Fishman’s research has led him to create a fresh position on water usage:

“All the water on earth was formed in space, in interstellar gas clouds. It was delivered here when the earth was formed or shortly thereafter, in exactly the form it is in. So, all the water on earth… is 4.3 or 4.4 billion years old. No water is being created on earth, no water is being destroyed on earth.

“What that means is, the whole debate about reusing waste water, is kind of silly because: all the water we have right now has been used over and over again. Every drink of water you take, every pot of coffee you make is dinosaur pee because it’s all been through the kidneys of a Tyrannosaurus Rex… many times. Because all the water we have is all the water we have ever had…

“Water is incredibly resilient. It’s unlike fuel or other natural resources: it can be used over and over again. And it emerges, except for needing to be cleaned, ready to be used again: exactly as water.

“Water is cosmic juice that came from interstellar space.”

Hear Fishman’s entire interview, here:

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